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Charinity is a Harmonious Development of Women School. It was founded in 2013.

Challenges: this project is an attempt to respond to a personal request. If all other projects are an answer to a request from the outside, this project is born from the inside.

  • How can I work so much, and where is the balance?
  • Where is the balance of a relaxed, got a buzz woman, who doesn’t think and bother about making money or anything else?
  • Where is that girl who wants the pink dress and to be held?
  • Where to find such a woman, and how to get her out of myself?

It wasn’t just my personal request that that time resonated in the moment. It was the synergistic creation of this project with Oleksandra Alkhimovich. We worked together and launched this project together. She also helped a lot with the launch of SkillsUp. These two projects were born in parallel and were developing simultaneously.

The name, the description, the whole concept— in just a few days were written in a very cool way from the very beginning. And we saw that it really responded people as a vision. But we overestimated our potential. The Charinity project was put on hold for years.

The project was just recently unfrozen. My inner request has remained and I see similar requests from other women who are stuck on something. If I’m really bent on work, and I’m skewed there. Some are very bent on household or housekeeping and are completely stuck there; some are bent on children, some are bent on a husband. Everyone has their own skews, but they’re there. We don’t understand that it would be good to pay attention and balance each area somehow. Sometimes to let something go, to give something more or less time.

The project is relevant. Given the events that are happening now, we are now actualizing it offline in Bulgaria and online. There we will keep on all the meetings and workshops. This project is about the path of a woman.

This path is not about one particular course, that in the end, a woman will become that very Woman. I don’t have a silver bullet. When we have completed something, and now we are cool, zen, ethnic, tantric, vedic Women. You have to understand that all of these Women are on their own path, and every time there is some new level that you discover in yourself, where you become better, deeper, and more mature.

Charinity is about the path, not a ready-made tool for the here and now. It’s about the variety of tools that you might need today at your request. When you feel something, some kind of disharmony or some discomfort, or some anxiety, you can sit down and use Charinity’s tools to sort yourself out a little bit. To figure out what kind of practice would suit you right now, and what you should do. Maybe you need to go to the women’s circle, vice versa — to withdraw more into yourself and close up, to be inside a little.

I really want to help women with this. And I know how hard it can be when you’re alone and don’t know where to run. And I know how help is needed in those moments. That’s why I want to show such help in this project.