Career Therapy

Since 04/11/22, I have opened the enrollment for free 15-minute consultations.

It is more critical than ever made it clear which direction you want to develop in, what to do, and how to move forward.

Structure of the consultation:

  • • 5 min: you are talking about yourself, your social profiles and CV (if any) should be applied in advance;

  • • 5 min: discussing the situation that you’re in now and deciding what you wish to do and strive for in the near future;

  • • 5 min: Marina is giving strategic advice and you are writing a mini-plan for personal development together.

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A successful career, as a component of a harmonious life, is the result of the work that brings pleasure and the conscious development of a range of skills and abilities for use at both personally and professionally.

I will help you identify the areas within activities where you could fulfill your potential best, as well as use the knowledge and skills given at the University.

Depending on the selected area, I will recommend specialized literature and make a list of courses and workshops to help effectively adjust to future work.

The career development program includes the following steps:

Selection of Areas of Interest

It’s important to take your strengths and talents into account to choose the direction of your professional path at the beginning. I start with different tests and provide a report with steps for your career development journey.

The correctly asked questions will help reveal your preferences during the individual conversation, and then I will check their matching to the internal potential.

Building a Career Strategy Plan

Setting a goal is the most important step in a career building. In accordance with the goal, I will analyze your current opportunities to achieve it, identify areas for development, prepare a training plan, and help draw up a career growth plan.

Job Search and Career Management

I will assist and support you in finding a job, and help with adjusting the career development plan.

The required amount of sessions is selected individually.

Let's discuss your career growth plan

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