Interview Preparation Call

I offer a 1-hour Interview Preparation Video Call that you would feel confident to successfully and enjoyably during the interview with HR or a company executive. Together we will turn the interview from torment into negotiations for win-win cooperation.

  • • Our technical and HR experts will take part in the preparation of responses to possible questions by the interviewer and will practice them with you.

  • • Talk about how the appearance and behavioral patterns will help you create a favorable impression on the company representative during the first meeting.

  • • You’ll receive theoretical and practical knowledge of the basics of self-presentation during a job interview, learn how to competently draw up and demonstrate your portfolio, what documents you need to take with you, etc.

  • • What skills, hobbies, and interests are worth mentioning, and which ones to leave out.

You will learn about other important factors, besides a pleasant impression, a well-designed CV, and a portfolio, which the employer pays attention to during the interview. And you will be able to get exactly the job you dreamed of to achieve your career goals.

Let's discuss Interview Preparation

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