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WEEM is an information technology ecosystem. It was founded in 2018.

Challenges: this project just fell on me out of the sky. I was developing the life cycle for my students within the SkillsUp project, and I needed to close the cycle. Thus, it got me thinking I needed to found a company. The clients come to me, and they need to come somewhere that is clear for them.

Back at that time, the clients started coming to me for software development, and I was just sitting and thinking about how I would call this place, this company. And at that very moment, the name came to me. I wrote it down on a piece of paper and thought about what it is, and what’s it supposed to mean.

When I started to think deeper, I added that it was We Empower.

The idea of the project was to create a service designer:

  • if someone needs to write custom software, they can do it with us;

  • if someone needs to build an IT department — we can build it;

  • if someone needs an outsource development center, we can do it all.

These are all areas in which I have sufficient expertise. And I was finally able to consolidate them in this project. My project was a response to requests that came from my partners, colleagues, and clients. That’s how WEEM came about. I registered my trademark rather quickly, as I already had this experience with SkillsUp.

We had great cooperation with a very big foreign client, an international bank. When the history of hostilities in Ukraine began, we had to reformat our activities, and close some of our operations. But the project continues, there are new clients, and the alumni from SkillsUp are interning.