Company Skills Matrix

The Skills Matrix helps with a fuzzy, unclear, and non-transparent process of growth and development of employees and talents. The workers cannot answer:

  • • What level are they at now?
  • • What role are they held, and how exactly is it called?
  • • What responsibilities are, and where should they grow further?

And even if there is some grading, I often hear the employee doesn’t know how these grades are distributed.

The development of a competency matrix is a complete end-to-end delegation of approaches to staff for their growth and development.

The first stage of the cooperation includes:

  • • development of a competency matrix for each role;
  • • prescribing the levels of competencies;
  • • must-have knowledge, skills, and expertise;
  • • what competencies are optional;
  • • professional and personal qualities;
  • • knowledge of languages, if needed;
  • • domain understanding, if needed;
  • • the matrix itself;
  • • instructions on what to do and when.

The second stage of the cooperation is developing all the necessary templates, checklists, surveys and concluding what development processes should be in the company so that every employee, mentor, and manager understands the approaches.

This matrix fills at meetings, during the planning of an individual or professional development of an employee:

  • • what are the duties of the employee;
  • • what are the tasks of his lead/manager;
  • • developing checklists for all parties;
  • • outline the key questions for each of the described skills;
  • • describing the process of testing them;
  • • how to ensure that an employee has required skills or has developed them.

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